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Why Ceras believes in peaq’s innovation to drive Economy of Things

October 7, 2022 at 8:01:22 AM

We are thrilled to announce our new investment in peaq which enables a machine-centric and community-powered Economy of Things.

About peaq

peaq’s mission is to build a decentralized machine economy that works for the world. In other words — it enables people to build decentralized applications (dApps) for vehicles, robots and devices, while empowering dApp builders and dApp users to govern and earn from machines providing goods and services to people and other machines.

How the funding will contribute to the Economy of Things

The funding will be used to expand the peaq network and ensure it is the driving force of a new, sustainable machine economy that enables people and machines to work better together. The funds will primarily be used to grow their stellar development team, with portions also set aside to roll out new products and features to the peaq ecosystem, and to increase awareness around the project in the run up to peaq’s bid for Polkadot parachain.

As peaq’s layer-1 blockchain is built with Substrate, it is making it natively compatible with Polkadot. To achieve seamless cross-chain interoperability with the rest of the Polkadot ecosystem, peaq will be running for Polkadot parachain. peaq provides identity, access, and payment capabilities as core functions for developers designing dApps for the EoT.

Furthermore, peaq ensures that people retain profit, ownership and governance rights over the machine economy now, and in the autonomous age by giving anyone the ability to build, govern, own and earn from Machine dApps, and the infrastructure dApps.

Machines which currently exist in the corporate controlled Internet of Things (IoT) can unleash their full potential in the decentralized Economy of Things (EoT) by using peaq. For instance, it enables Self-Sovereign Machine Identities (SSMIs) such as serving as passports for vehicles, robots and devices. It will be also the basis for any machine to interact and transact with one another and people on a peer-to-peer basis.

About Ceras Ventures

We are a global leading investment firm committed to cutting-edge technology projects in Web 3.0 and crypto space to create long-term value-oriented investment and digital asset management. Our scope covers global digital assets and projects with growth potential to provide careful stewardship and to achieve capital appreciation.​ Since our start of business in 2014, we firmly believed in innovation and the path forward of digital economy with the development of blockchain technologies which are extremely evolving. As growth is our key vision, our company is named after the Latin word ‘ceres’ which means ‘growth’. We aim to grow with our partners in a sustainable way of economic transition.​

Our investment perspectives cover the areas of DeFi, Web 3.0 Infrastructure, Metaverse, NFT, DAO and disruptive technologies.

Our mission is ‘Value Counts’ to make every interaction and collaboration count to move forward together successfully.​

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