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Ceras Ventures invests in the promising gaming ecosystem of Worldspark Studios

December 4, 2022 at 8:13:07 PM

World Spark Studios is an independent game development studio dedicated to creating multiplayer experiences and is focusing on building Sparkadia, Ecosystem and gaming blockchain (connecting entertainment, gaming and NFT.

We are thrilled to announce our new investment into Worldspark Studios A new gaming ecosystem led by a AAA game studio and offering a play-for-fun Web3 economic model where users can acquire on-and off-chain items for the games.

About Worldspark Studio

World Spark Studios is an independent game development studio dedicated to creating multiplayer experiences and is focusing on building Sparkadia, Ecosystem and gaming blockchain (connecting entertainment, gaming and NFT. The long-term goal is to focus provides sustainable economy outlets for a true play-for-fun and to earn experience.

Worldspark values the social connections that can only be made through gaming, therefor it focuses on social features, accessibility, and new player experience to ensure our games can be enjoyed by all. Worldsparks aim is to re-ignite the feeling of friendship and comradery those ancient late-night gaming sessions.

Worldspark has built a team of industry veterans from AAA studios: of our four executives across Product, Creative, Narrative, and Engineering, three come from Riot with the final coming from Bungie, combining for a total of 50+ years of experience creating AAA titles.

What is the thesis and scope of Worldspark Studios?

Worldspark is games first, blockchain second as they believe in competitive, gameplay-first games that increases the willingness to play more because it’s fun, not because it’s lucrative. Therefore, the main scope is Play-for-fun as well as Play-and-Earn versus Play TO Earn.

Also, Worldspark’s ultimate goal is to serve as the on-ramp for traditional gamers to become Web3 gamers which requires firstly to reduce the knowledge barrier of entry for crypto in games and secondly to make an interesting game that users want to continuously play.

The Vision of combining gaming and ecosystem

As Worldspark is a studio, it focuses on developing IPs with deep characters that belong to an ever-evolving world. Therefor, Worldspark developed an ecosystem called Sparkadia and takes shape in the form of a “hub world” that players can create their own Avatar. This hub world connects to all future games, starting with Edenbrawl as the first one. The hub world is the connection between the games, creating a shared economy and shared sense of purpose which allows to create new game features for a better player experience. This means the purchases by users in our ecosystem ties in to multiple streams of progression and has multiple avenues of use.

Finally, Worldparks IP uniquely focuses on happiness, empowerment as well as entertainment as the characters are designed in fun ways.

About the game Edenbrawl

Edenbrawl is the first official game released by Worldspark. It combines the action combat of a brawler with the endless depth of a MOBA to create a “Mobrawler”, a unique experience that grips you match 1 and keeps you engaged at match 10,000.

With intense WASD skill-based combat, unique champion playstyles, streamlined player agency, and our unique ‘Edenball’ game mode, Edenbrawl creates an addicting multiplayer experience. Edenbrawl aims to be the first truly competitive/esports ready game on the blockchain. That means absolutely zero pay-to-win elements and all NFTs are restricted to cosmetic use only.

About Ceras Ventures

We are a global leading investment firm committed to cutting-edge technology projects in Web 3.0 and crypto space to create long-term value-oriented investment and digital asset management. Our scope covers global digital assets and projects with growth potential to provide careful stewardship and to achieve capital appreciation.​Since our start of business in 2014, we firmly believed in innovation and

the path forward of digital economy with the development of blockchain technologies which are extremely evolving. As growth is our key vision, our company is named after the Latin word ‘ceres’ which means ‘growth’. We aim to grow with our partners in a sustainable way of economic transition.​

Our investment perspectives cover the areas of DeFi, Web 3.0 Infrastructure, Metaverse, NFT, DAO and disruptive technologies.

Our mission is ‘Value Counts’ to make every interaction and collaboration count to move forward together successfully.​

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