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Ceras Ventures is investing in CoinList seed batch Exorde Labs

July 6, 2022 at 8:17:25 AM

We are thrilled to announce our investment in Exorde Labs. 🚀 Its Web 3.0 protocol will empower developers to scrape and link all public data on the web.

About Exorde Labs

Exorde Labs is a French startup with six team members that aims sourcing and evaluating any publicly available web information through occupying a community of developers and journalists while rewarding them with EXD (the cryptocurrency of the Exorde protocol).

Transparency and decentralization are the keys of Exorde

Exorde is a decentralized web scraping protocol aimed at collecting and organizing information in the most transparent, neutral and efficient way.

Exorde aims to leverage its utility token, the EXD token, to incentivize a community of independent contributors to run its algorithms all over the world, therefore collecting all the different viewpoints on current events and capturing trends.

Currently, the company is working on developing a tool capable of capturing market sentiment through this decentralized scraping approach and predicting market trends through the resulting analysis.

Exorde has multiple ongoing partnerships, one with SKALE (our layer 2 execution layer), and Filecoin (our public IPFS decentralized storage system).

Improving e-reputation through Exorde for a successful business

Exorde Labs will be the service provider to communicate around Exorde, and to launch products and services around the protocol data. Any person or company will also be able to use this data and sell new products and services, creating a new information economy. Therefore, it is essential to manage the e-reputation and to understand what the community thinks of a company’s or individual work, product, or service.

Exorde helps to gather as much information as possible that enables a company or individual (as users) recognize how the community feels about its brand. In addition, the user be able to modify its strategies to fulfill the community wants. For instance, it can achieve a better engagement and involvement of the community with a product or service. For established companies, Exorde can be a quick and useful tool to quickly track your company’s reputation over the last 7 days, months, or more.

About Ceras Ventures

We are a global leading investment firm committed to cutting-edge technology projects in Web 3.0 and crypto space to create long-term value-oriented investment and digital asset management. Our scope covers global digital assets and projects with growth potential to provide careful stewardship and to achieve capital appreciation.​

Since our start of business in 2014, we firmly believed in innovation and the path forward of digital economy with the development of blockchain technologies which are extremely evolving. As growth is our key vision, our company is named after the Latin word ‘ceres’ which means ‘growth’. We aim to grow with our partners in a sustainable way of economic transition.​

Our investment perspectives cover the areas of DeFi, Web 3.0 Infrastructure, Metaverse, NFT, DAO and disruptive technologies.

Our mission is ‘Value Counts’ to make every interaction and collaboration count to move forward together successfully.

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