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How Velvet.Capital will bring DeFi to the masses

January 22, 2023 at 8:22:26 PM

We are thrilled to announce our investment into Velvet.Capital, a DeFi Asset Management Protocol, that helps people and institutions to create diversified financial products on-chain in a user-friendly and efficient way.

About Velvet Capital

Velvet.Capital is a cross-chain DeFi asset management protocol helps anyone to easily create custom crypto portfolios comprising of all the best projects on the market — in a few clicks. By having unique yield farming integrations in place, Velvet.Capital also offers the opportunity to earn additional yield on the portfolios and can be completely managed on-chain. The initial driver of Velvet.Capital

Velvet.Capital is driven by the belief in DeFi to transform the financial system and to empower people to become financially independent. Especially, users can be easily intimidated by countless options or confused by the complexity of protocols and struggling to navigate solutions built for crypto-natives. As a result, people chase the highest yield and get burnt when the token price tanks to zero.

Velvet.Capital’s protocol aims to make DeFi simpler and safer by helping you diversify across assets, ecosystems and yield farming solutions. The team has experience by launching digital products in both traditional finance and Web3 space and was keen to leverage their experience to onboard the next billion users into DeFi.

A DeFi gateway for all channels

Velvet.Capital offers a Web3 native app for individuals (B2C) for direct deposit & withdrawal (creation & redemption) of the products and lists portfolio-backed tokens on exchanges (DEX & CEX) to create a liquid secondary market. For institutions (B2B), Velvet.Capital offers SDK/API to allow third party platforms to use the protocol and create their own financial productsWe provide DeFi-as-a-Service and custom support to traditional Asset Managers, Family Offices and DAO Treasurers.

About Ceras Ventures

We are a global leading investment firm committed to cutting-edge technology projects in Web 3.0 and crypto space to create long-term value-oriented investment and digital asset management. Our scope covers global digital assets and projects with growth potential to provide careful stewardship and to achieve capital appreciation.​

Since our start of business in 2014, we firmly believed in innovation and the path forward of digital economy with the development of blockchain technologies which are extremely evolving. As growth is our key vision, our company is named after the Latin word ‘ceres’ which means ‘growth’. We aim to grow with our partners in a sustainable way of economic transition.​

Our investment perspectives cover the areas of DeFi, Web 3.0 Infrastructure, Metaverse, NFT, DAO and disruptive technologies.

Our mission is ‘Value Counts’ to make every interaction and collaboration count to move forward together successfully.​

Source:Velvet.Capital (Medium) & BNB Chain

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Twitter Links: (@Velvet_Capital) / Twitter

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